Residential rebates for home cooling

Energy CoachCooling your home can drive up your summer electric bills, particularly if you use central air conditioning. Evaporative cooling systems (swamp coolers) use 75 percent less energy, and are quite effective in our dry climate.

Rebates for home cooling systems vary depending on your utility provider. Look in the table below for links to information about home cooling rebates.

Two community organizations also offer bonus rebates that can be combined with utility rebates to cover up to 50% of your project costs. These bonus rebates are offered by Garfield Clean Energy and CORE's Energy Smart. See details below.

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Utility clean energy rebates

  • Can be combined with community clean energy bonus rebates (below) to make your upgrade more affordable.
  • Total rebate amount cannot exceed 50% of total project cost.

Xcel Energy

Natural gas and/or
electric customer

Xcel Energy

Evaporative cooling
$300 to $1,200 for new installs of evaporative coolers
$200 to $1,200 for replacement of older evaporative coolers
Click here for Xcel Energy
evaporative cooling rebates

Air conditioning
$350 to $650 for new installs of high-efficiency AC for SEER 15, 16 or 17
$500 for trade-in to replace older AC
Click here for Xcel Energy AC cooling rebates

Holy Cross Energy

Electric customer

Holy Cross Energy

Evaporative cooling

$100 for qualifying Tier 1 evaporative cooling systems, 2,000 - 3,499 cfm

$200 for qualifying Tier 2 evaporative cooling systems, at least 3,500 cfm

Click here for Holy Cross Energy rebates

Glenwood Springs Electric

Electric customer


Evaporative cooling
25% up to $500 for evaporative cooling space unit or whole-house evaporative cooler

25% up to $500 for whole house fan (licensed contractor installation)

Click here to apply for an evaporative cooling rebate.

Community clean energy bonus rebates

Can be combined with utility rebates (above) to make your upgrade more affordable.

Garfield Clean Energy

Garfield Clean Energy

Get free advice from an energy coach with Garfield Clean Energy, for all residents of Garfield County.

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Roaring Fork Valley residents only, Aspen to Glenwood Springs


Energy Smart Colorado

25% up to $3,000 for ground source heat pump

25% up to $500 for ductless heat pump

Click here for details and forms



Woman trying to cool off with a fan

Garfield Clean Energy's
Home Cooling FACT SHEET
Four Smart Steps to a Cool Home

Michelle Foster and her evaporative cooling unit

Read about the trend among Garfield County homeowners to use high-efficiency evaporative cooling.

Online consumer guides


American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

Consumer Guide to
Home Energy Savings

Information on building envelope, heating, cooling, ventilation, water heating, lighting, refrigeration, home electronics, laundry, dishwashing and cooking.

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Appliance Rebate Finder

Check out this tool to dial in the appliance you are considering with the rebates available from your electric utility.

Info for dishwashers, clothes washers, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, boilers, furnaces, central AC, heat pumps and thermostats.

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